The food culture and the restoration of the Venerable Academy of chefs and pastry chefs whose last seat was the Church of Santa Maria di Grottapinta, now seat of Cappella Orsini POT. The most famous representative of the Academy was Bartolomeo Scappi, nicknamed the Michelangelo of Italian cuisine, author of the “re couquinaria”, the first modern treaty on the art of cooking. Bartolomeo Scappi was the secret chef to Pope Pius IV and Pius V. You will have the opportunity to enjoy our menus at Cappella Orsini: from Renaissance banquets inspired by Lucrezia Borgia to the traditional Roman cuisine inspired by the years of La Dolce vita, to our luxury lunch offered by Don Fabrizio Corbera Prince of Salina and Marquis of Donnafugata in Luchino Visconti’s movie “Il Gattopardo” (The Leopard).


La Dolce Vita

Lucrezia Borgia

The Leopard

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