The Secret Church of art

Recreate ancient marble designs in a transformed church

Inside the deconsecrated Cappella Orsini chapel, now a dedicated art space also known as the Cappella Orsini POT, we’ll learn to reproduce the historic technique of imitation of faux marble painting, which has been used for centuries in Roman design. We’ll start with a brief introduction of the red porphyry marble technique used in the ancient palaces and churches of Rome. In the meantime, we will paint on a wooden tablet using watercolors, brushes, and sea sponges to create the textures and the varying light. The result is a personal and one-of-a-kind piece of décor and everlasting memory of our day. It’s amazing the results you can achieve with this simple technique that will stay with you forever.

I’am Raffaella Curti Rome born and raised, I love the world of art, and painting is my work. Also I can’t leave without sports and music. I developed my talent in many fields, getting a great experience in mural decoration,realizing huge “tromp l’oeil” works in prestigious hotels and manor houses in Italy and abroad. Executing restoration as well as ex novo works. In my production of paintings, I show a very particular style, influenced by renaissance art as well as contemporary art, and I am very curious of every new things comes from the world of arts.

After getting the degree certificate at The school of Art of Rome, I had a certificate of restorer of mural paintings at the Accademia del superfluo of Rome. Through the years I had a lot exhibitions in Rome most of the time, but Also Catania, Milano and abroad: Nice, Miami, New York.

No artsy or technical specific education is required, only a great mood !

Our alumni are from 10 years old to 70 years old !

By the end of this activity, you will have made your own souvenir

Art supplies are included
A personal wooden object, watercolors, brushes, and sea sponges
Offered Refreshments
Snacks, coffee, tea, juices

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