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Thirty years of experience in international decoration, a well-known cultural centre, the honoree title of Master craftsman in Applied Arts appointed by the Mayor of Rome to our artistic director Roberto Lucifero are the guarantees of our authentic connoisseurship in the two fields in which Cappella Orsini Pot operates:

FOOD CULTURE by Accademia dei Cuochi e Pasticceri di Roma

Having in mind the idea of restoring the glorious times and creativity of this culinary tradition a group of researchers studied a variety of recipes from the 16th century up to contemporary times. Always willing to give you an experience that goes beyond food tasting, the CAPPELLA ORSINI POT is now offering you the result of this historian work served on a silver plate.

The restaurant CAPPELLA ORSINI POT takes its heritage from the old University of Cooks, also focused on the search for healthier choices and organic food, both presented during different amazing events. If you choose the seated dinner evening, you will enjoy discovering the history and the secrets of the different recipes as you taste them thanks to a master of gastronomy.  Like a time-machine the CAPPELLA ORSINI POT will drive you into different eras with recipes from Lucrezia Borgia to La Dolce Vita by Federico Fellini or from Vacanze Romane and Gattopardo.

Live music, opera and films settings will make you feel as part of a mysterious Renaissance plot through a very unusual and sophisticated meal.

The guests of this experience will be surrounded by treasures from the past blended with modern comfort, in an exquisite and historical setting.

DECORATIVE APPLIED ARTS by Accademia del Superfluo

The Accademia del Superfluo, first school of decorative arts in Rome founded in 1986 by Roberto Lucifero – as well as the cultural Centre – well known Interior Decorator and designer.

It now offers courses of trompe l’oeil, grottesca, faux marble (red imperial marble), stencil, grisaille, furniture decoration, watercolor and drawing.