The Roman technique of paper flowers

Flower paper power

Learn quickly and easily how to reproduce Mediterranean flora and decorative vegetable flowers with simple crepe paper. The crepe paper is very sustainable, allowing you to carry pieces of our flora with you and decorate display cases and doors in your home. After a brief historical review of the nineteenth-century custom of decorating doors, small vases and bell-shaped glasses, we will study the geometric physionomy of authentic roman flowers or antique prints. We will focus on making reproductions of an unexpected flower such as the artichoke plant flowers or other unusual floral species using acrylics, watercolors, or simple sunlight to give it a more natural allure, playing with the paper’s photosensitivity. DIY with a little guidance, but mostly without previous experiences !

I’m Piergiorgio Forgione, an architect, set designer and scenographer in love with art, beautiful things and people. I’m part of the artistic group of the Cappella Orsini Community. Social life, team-working and cultural exchange are my natural dispositions. I believe in sharing my technique and knowledge but also welcoming travelers curious of this beautiful part of the Italian taste and culture.

Vi aspetto


No artsy or technical specific education is required, only a great mood !

Our alumni are from 10 years old to 70 years old !

By the end of this activity, you will have made your own souvenir

Watercolors Acrylics Brushes Cotton thread Wire Glue stik Crepe gr 150 paper Scissors

Offered: drinks Juices, Coffee, Tea

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